Norav Stress ECG

The system meets the specific needs for each user, allowing individuals to control how diagnostic reports are acquired, displayed, measured and printed, according to their particular needs. Most standard pre-programmed and user definable testing protocol are offered, accommodating many different treadmills and bicycle ergo meters.

Stress ECG assures ultimate test accuracy due to:
-    Scroll back during test to see episodes that might have been overseen.
-    Full disclosure of entire test. Enables post processing on saved data.
-    High resolution (Up to 2000 S/sec) ECG 
    processing which permits ST-measurements and Arrythmia detection.
-    State of the art Digital RF Wireless.
-    On-line filtering and automated baseline correction which enables stable ECG tracing.
-    ECG screen display provides exceptionally clear tracing for visual view and on screen  measurements.
-    Automatic print during test.
Download Product Catalogue: Norav Stress ECG.pdf