Schwarzer EEG

The optimal combination of hardware & software from the brands you trust
With over 60 years of proven experience, Natus Neurology has become a leader in the development and manufacturing of EEG equipment. Schwarzer EEG amplifiers reflect this expertise with exceptional signal quality and reliability.
Versatile Platform
Schwarzer EEG systems provide the hardware and software needed for either routine EEG studies or long term recordings with video. Created with EEG technicians in mind, the system enables set-up in or out of the lab.
Schwarzer EEG amplifiers consistently deliver signal quality & performance – even in the most challenging environments.
Wide range of Amplifier options
Tailored for routine EEG studies, the epas 29 channel amplifier offers 25 monopolar EEG signals,
2 monopolar polygraphy channels, 1 bipolar ECG channel and 1 channel for pulse oximetry.
Download Product Catalogue: schwarzer_EEG_low.pdf