Schwarzer PSG

Whether your practice is neurology-based or pneumology-based, the Schwarzer PSG system offers a complete sleep solution

Dedicated Hardware


The Schwarzer PSG amplifier and optional interface box together offer up to 62 channels. Pressure, oximetry and temperature/light inputs are built-in, while external devices can be connected via one of the 12 high-level inputs.


Select preferred sensors and connect them to any of the nonproprietary input connectors. Designate preferred channels, and build an electrode set and related display montages according to each recording protocol.

Coherence Software

Coherence software is known for its stability and advanced signal analysis. Features such as calibration, channel control and digital video permit users to focus on clinical protocol rather than equipment.

Coherence offers both automated analysis and flexible event editing.

Frequency analysis is processed during recording, enabling concurrent review and scoring from any networked review station.


Download Product Catalogue: Schwarzer PSG EN.pdf