PC-based stress test systems that offer maximum flexibility while providing utmost ECG quality, great usability, and excellent user experience.

ECG Stress Test
Meeting the specific needs of each and every user, the system allows individuals to control the way diagnostic reports are acquired, displayed, measured and printed.

• High Resolution ECG Processing Accurate ST-measurements and Arrhythmia detection with clean traces
• Playback Allows viewing episodes that might have been missed
• Advanced ECG Tracing On-line filtering and automated baseline correction for clear and stable measurements
• Versatility Simple integration with HIS, EHR; interoperability with PACS, DICOM; and many export formats such as HL7
• Configurations Wireless & wired options available • Usability Easy installation, intuitive, and user friendly

1200S Classic

• Cost-effective
• 12 Lead ECG

1200W Digital RF Wireless

• 16 Bit Resolution and High Sampling Rate
• Selectable Sync Lead
• Echo Ready – Trigger Out
• Blood Pressure Equipment Interface