Versatile EMG /NCS/EP Software
Multimodality NCS with reference values
Multi-MUP with reference values
Advanced H Reflex
Peak-triggering SF-EMG
Advanced Decrement test
EP with reference values
Dantec 3 Channel
Dantec 6 Channel

Dantec Keypoint Focus is the next generation EMG system-delivering
the quality and results you expect, at an economical price.

Its new compact design and intuitive, powerful functionality make
the Dantec Keypoint Focus EMG system ideal for space conscious
professionals in hospitals and private offices.

NEW 3 and 6 channel options

NEW Increased performance of amplifiers and stimulators

NEW Keypoint.NET version 2.10 software now with tremor analysis

NEW Microsoft Windows® 7

NEW All-in-One EMG system with dedicated controls, integrated
stimulators and high quality audio

Key Features
• All-in-one EMG / NCS / EP System
• Cart-based pc dekstop or laptop configurations available
• Industry-leading amplifiers and stimulators, best performance
amplifiers on the market for consistent recordings
• Flexible amplifiers and stimulator arm for close patient connection
• Control panel gathers all important commands for mouse free operation
• Software controlled interconnection of reference inputs
• Advanced features for quantitative EMG, SF-EMG and tremor analysis
• On-line comparison to reference values
• 22” flexible LCD display pc dekstop
• Loudspeaker, PC and all cabling are safely hidden in easily movable
cart console
• Available as either amplifear 3, 4, 6, or 8-channel with single or dual
current stimulator
• High CMRR and Signal-to-Noise ratio for consistent recordings
• Built-in auditory and visual stimulators.
• Broad range of powerful analysis tools
• Fast, automatic report generation
• IT Friendly – SQL Database, automated study data, HL7® connectivity