Sizes The LCU™ hip prosthesis is available in 9 (+2*) sizes. the CCD angle is 130°. The dimensions of the stem and the offset increase proportionately with increasing size.
LCU™ Hip Prosthesis Stem, cementless Material: Ti6Al4V, HX® Coating, taper 12/14, CCD angle 130°

Prosthesis Heads
Prosthesis Heads B
Material: CoCrMo alloy

LINK® T.O.P. II UHMWPE Inserts – 
Material: UHMWPE X-LINKed®

Bone Screws for metal casings

Metal Casings
with medio-ventral recess, incl. 1 closing screw for polar hole and
• 3 closing screws for sizes < Ø 50 mm or
• 4 closing screws for sizes > Ø 52 mm
 and HX® Coating (calcium phosphate)