LINK PorEx® (TiNbN = Titanium Niobium Nitride)
Surface Modification

The hypoallergenic LINK PorEx® surface modification leads to a ceramic-like surface, which significantly reduces the release of ions. This surface is extremely hard and possesses abrasion properties similar to those of ceramics. These qualities and the wetting angle of the surface give it a low friction coefficient when in contact with fluids.1

A large proportion of implanted knee joint prostheses are cemented and are well tolerated. However, there have been occasional reports 2,3 of inflammatory reactions attributable to sensitivity to bone cement. Addressing this issue GEMINI. SL. with LINK PorEx. is available for cementless application.

The articulating surface is realizes using the hypoallergenic LINK PorEx. surface modification and the TiCaP. coating is applied on the bony inerface.