Holter ECG NH – 301
“Holter monitoring has never been easier”

Norav’s true 12-3 lead holter system features:
• Atrial Fibrillation Detection
• 14 Day Recording
• Outstanding on-screen graphics
• Cloud Analysis
• Arrhythmia, ST, HRV & QT analysis, comprehensive report printing
• Interface with electronic health records

Additional Features:
• Review ECG, save to hard drive . Export reports
• Review and print trend
• Pacemaker detection
• Recorder with a large LCD display for setting up and ECG data preview
• Automatic & manual editing of patient data
• Network interfacing capability
• Link to ECG management software (NEMS)
• DICOM Interoperability
• Full Disclosure with easy page by page scrolling
• Wireless hook up check on PC *3
• Wireless transfer of patient info PC from to the recorder *3
• Analysis is completed and ready to be printed within minutes after downloading
• Maximum patient comfort thanks to the small Holter ECG recorder.
• Comprehensive, reliable Holter report